Child and Family Therapy

All children have different needs, temperaments, personalities, sensitivities, challenges, and exposures to events that affect them. Many children also experience changes in their supportive relationships and environments. I can help sort out which and what combination of these factors may be affecting your child and to what severity. I can provide opportunities for your child to work through challenges, resolve difficulties, and build new strengths. I can come along side you and your child’s other caregivers to help and support everyone in understanding and caring for your child.

The types of child and family therapy I provide are:

  • Child Play Therapy  -Ages: 3-8

  • Child Talk Therapy  -Ages: 8-12

  • Child-Parent Relationship Therapy and Family Counseling  -Ages: 3-12 and their Parent(s)



Child Play Therapy  Ages: 3-8

Children are not always able to label and explain their feelings and perspective verbally. Individual play therapy is an opportunity for children to explore their life experiences, needs, fears, interests, challenges, traumas, losses, separations, worries, and feelings. Play can be a powerfully expressive metaphor for a child’s experiences, feelings, and perspective, allowing them to “name” dilemmas that even an adult might have difficulty saying out loud. Through play and your child’s imagination, I will gain insight regarding what’s going on in your child’s mind. I’ll work with your child to resolve internal conflicts, better understand the world around them, and develop skills for building peer and adult-child relationships. I will speak directly with your child to identify what I understand about them, but more often I will name concerns and offer solutions within the context of play. At times, I will blend play therapy with cognitive behavioral therapy in order to assist your child in learning new patterns of thinking and behaving. I will also read children's books to your child that apply to their specific experiences. Child play therapy affords a child some freedom from their parent to explore and learn, but the parent is always made aware of general themes and concerns, safety issues, and progress.

Child Talk Therapy  Ages: 8-12

Older children benefit from getting to have a place to talk about what’s going on in their lives. I facilitate interventions such as movement activities, art projects, sandtray, music shares, book shares, and games that older children can use to organize their thoughts and feelings, thus making it easier for them to communicate with me what’s on their mind. Child talk therapy affords a child some freedom from their parent to talk, learn, and grow, but the parent is always made aware of general themes and concerns, safety issues, and progress.

Child-Parent(s) Relationship Therapy (Filial Therapy) and Family Counseling  Ages: 3-12 and their Parent(s)

Sometimes parents may feel distant or disconnected from their child due to long work hours, living in different homes due to custody agreements, and other stressors families endure. Other times, parents may feel confused as to why their child doesn’t listen, follow directions, or show interest in being agreeable. Filial therapy is very similar to child play therapy, but the constructs and skills are applied to the parent-child relationship in a similar way as the therapist-child relationship. In filial therapy, the parent is taught to facilitate a growth-producing atmosphere in which the child can reach their full potential. This is an opportunity for you and your child to get re-attuned with one another or maybe attune for the first time. In family counseling, we will combine interventions from play therapy and filial therapy. Family counseling is the type of therapy where siblings and the whole family can be a part of treatment. Many families have fun doing the sensory interventions during these kinds of therapy!